Guild Application

Below you will find a short application form.
This application is required for those interested in raiding with our guild.
Fill out all fields and then hit submit for our review.
This application is private and only officers will see it.

What is the name of the character you're applying with?

What is your Class & Specialization?

Follow this link, find your character, paste link below.

Do you have a working headset & mic?

How reliable is your Internet connection and PC(No Crashes)?

How vocal do you consider yourself to be in raids?

Have you been an officer or GM of a guild?
If so, what were your responsibilities, and is the guild still operating?

Our current raid schedule is Tues/Wed/Thur 8:00pm-11 Est.
Can you commit to these days/times?

How many hours per week do you average in game, outside of raids?

Describe your raiding history.

Provide a link to your CURRENT OVERALL combat logs.

How often do you feel tardiness or raid absence is acceptable?

During raid progression, how many wipes do you feel is acceptable?

Is there anyone in Narcosis you know?

Where did you hear about us?

Please provide an email where you can be reached.

Please provide your battle tag As a second means to contact you. A Friend request will be sent. Look for it!


I have read and acknowledge the Guild Charter

Print Screen of the UI you use while raiding, upload file.