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      Another boss in the Emerald Nightmare, Elerethe Renferal!

      Alpha heroic testing Fatboss guide below!

      Mythic testing videos….

      And here is the link to the Mythic testing feedback forum


      Seems like this boss was really buggy with add spawns. There were territory issues and so on. I wouldn’t be surprised to find some interesting bugs on progression!


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      • Overview – As the fight progresses, Elerethe swaps between the nightmarish forms of a spider and a roc. When she takes to the skies as a roc, she moves to a different platform, forcing players to weather her Dark Storm as they make their way towards her. On Mythic difficulty, Elrethe uses an additional ability depending on what platform she is currently on. On the first platform she uses Tangled Webs, on the second she uses Violent Winds, and on the third Nightmare Spawn.
        • Damage Dealers
          • During Spider form, stand apart from the raid during Necrotic Venom to place venomous pools.
          • During Roc form, place Twisting Shadows away from the raid.
          • Kill Venomous Spiderlings.
        • Healers
          • During Spider form, heal allies connected by Web of Pain.
          • During Roc form, the raid takes ramping damage from Dark Storm until they reach the eye of the storm.
        • Tanks
          • During Spider form, take turns tanking Spiderlings to manage applications of Dripping Fangs.
          • During Roc form, quickly taunt Elerethe after Raking Talons.
          • During Roc form, pick up a Shimmering Feather to speed your way across the webbing.
        • Tanks
          • During Spider form, take turns tanking Spiderlings to manage applications of Dripping Fangs.
          • During Roc form, quickly taunt Elerethe after Raking Talons.
          • During Roc form, pick up a Shimmering Feather to speed your way across the webbing.
          • Keep Venomous Spiderlings away from the boss or they will grant her stacks of Swarm.
      • Elerethe Renferal
        • Spider Form – Takes the form of a nightmare spider.
          • Web of Pain – Elerethe connects two targets with a web of pain. 100% of damage done to the linked source is reflected to you.
            Reflected damage is increased after the targets seperate beyond 20 yards from each other.

            • Pain Lash – Targets that run through the Web of Pain beam are inflicted with 587,500 Nature damage and are knocked back.
          • Feeding Time – Elerethe ascends into the web and calls her children down to feed. While in the web, Elerethe positions herself to drop onto her unsuspecting prey with Vile Ambush.
            • Vile Ambush – Drops from above onto her prey, inflicting 3,570,000 Physical damage and knocking back all targets. Damage decreases the further targets are from the point of impact.
          • Necrotic Venom – Hurls necrotic poison at random enemies that inflicts 150,000 Nature damage every 1 sec and places a debuff on the target that inflicts 50,000 Nature damage to nearby allies each tick.
            Also, each pulse leaves behind a venomous pool.
          • Tangled Webs – Quickly covers the ground with a tacky web. When enemies are on its surface for more than 2 sec at a time, they summon additional Venomous Spiderlings. The web lasts 1.2 min.
          • Nightmare Spawn – Continuously summons egg sacs around her location that grow over time. Fully grown egg sacs release Venomous Spiderlings when popped.
            Elerethe will pop all grown egg sacs during Vile Ambush.
        • Roc Form – Takes the form of a nightmare roc.
          • Gathering Clouds – The boss flings quills at all targets for 250,000 Physical damage every 1 second and pushes everyone back.
            • Shimmering Feather – Shimmering feathers fall from Elerethe’s wings, granting the bearer increased jump height and the ability to leap onto spiderlings, instantly killing them.
          • Dark Storm – Conjures a dark storm and flies to another platform. The storm inflicts 29,000 Shadow damage every 1 sec and the damage increases 5% every 1 sec until targets enter the eye of the storm.
            • Eye of the Storm – Within the eye, targets are protected from the dark storm.
          • Twisting Shadows – The boss causes shadow tornadoes to form on random enemies. After 10 sec tornadoes appear at the enemy destinations that will pull nearby targets into them, inflicting 71,450 Shadow damage every 1 sec for 4 sec.
            While the dark winds are forming, the target can disperse Venomous Pools.
          • Razor Wing – The bird buffets its wings, hurling razor feathers that inflict 607,500 Shadow damage to targets in a cone in front of the boss.
          • Raking Talons – Rakes her talons across her current target, inflicting 1,430,000 Shadow damage and increases damage taken from consecutive Raking Talons by 200% per stack.
            She repeats this cast multiple times in rapid succession.
          • Violent Winds – Elerethe channels violent winds at her target, pushing them away and inflicting 225,000 Shadow damage every 1 sec to enemies in a line in front of her.
            The amount of force pushing the targets away is reduced for each player in the effect and reduces the amount of stacks of Wind Burn that are applied directly to the current target.

            • Wind Burn – This effect increases damage taken from Violent Winds by 12% per stack.
      • Surging Egg Sacs – Running into these egg sacs releases a swarm of Skittering Spiderlings.
        • Skittering Spiderling – These tiny spiders burst forth and attack in numbers when released from their egg sacs.
      • Venomous Spiderling – Venomous Spiderlings appear from the web during the encounter.
        • Dripping Fangs – Dripping fangs poison the current target and inflict 5,000 Nature damage every 1 sec. This effect stacks.
        • Venomous Pool – A venomous pool forms, inflicting 92,138 Nature damage every 1 sec.
        • Swarm – Elerethe draws strength from her minions, increasing her damage dealt by 25% and attack speed by 25% when they are close. This effect stacks.
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