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      This Charter will go into effect starting Legion. The Guild Charter is subject to change without notice, so it is each members responsibility to be familiar with the requirements of our guild, and check regularly for updates on the forums. 

      Guild Charter and Member Requirements

      Vision Statement

      By recruiting and retaining some of the best players in the game and focusing on teamwork, Narcosis will be respected as one of the top guilds. We are not merely building an endgame guild, we are building a community of friends.

      Core Values of Narcosis:

      You cannot solo endgame. Each of us is only as good as what we bring to the team, and the more we bring, the faster we all advance.

      If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. We aspire to be nothing less than great.

      Any achievement is empty if you don’t earn it, and like most things in life, how you get there is more important than when. Members of Narcosis do not cheat, exploit, or hack, period.

      When you really are the best, you don’t have to tell anyone. Our success will be dictated by our actions.

      This is a game after all, this is what we do to have a good time. Drama is never tolerated – neither is fun that comes at the expense of others.

      This is a game. If you are a winner at World of Warcraft, but a loser at life, guess what – you’re still a loser. Our members win both ways.

      1. Conduct

      I. Guild members should be treated as friends and family. Our core identity is the giving / friendly relationship of our members. Members that fail to live up to this standard will be removed.

      II. Members are expected to be mature adults and are responsible for their own conduct and for their own judgment of how their actions are received by others. Any issues should be resolved between the parties and all resolutions explored before even thinking of coming to an officer to resolve a problem. Petty gossip / whining / nagging are neither rewarded nor tolerated.

      2. Member Responsibilities

      I. Members are expected to have FUN at all times, be social, and have relationships with other people in real life!

      II. Members are expected to participate with our community on the guild website so far as:

      a. Be registered on the website and check it for vital raid and guild information often.

      III. Members are expected to do their part in raids, including asking for help when needed, and showing up to raids prepared. Details on raid requirements are explained further down.

      3. Website

      I. The current website of Narcosis is

      II. Guild members should be active in the forums, and help contribute as much knowledge as possible for the overall good of the guild.

      4. Changes to Code/Rules

      I. All changes to the governing code shall be made via the decision of the officer body.

      Raid Schedule and Responsibilities

      Raid Schedule:
      Monday (First month of a new Tier), Tues, Wed, Thurs 7:30-7:59pm for invites
      8pm – 11:00pm first pull
      (Eastern Time)

      Raid Requirements:

      I. We require the ability to both send and receive voice communications via Discord Voice. A working microphone is required. If you’re regularly blasting feedback into your mic, you will be muted and/or removed. The current Discord Voice connection information will be maintained as a pinned topic in Raid forums or In-Game

      II. Show up on time, or preferably before the raid starts, so leaders have time to organize the group. Being late or missing happens, if you’re going to be late, inform an officer or post in Availability forums with as much notice as possible (5 minutes before raid start is unacceptable). Repeated offenses will result in being benched for the night or guild removal.

      III. Show up fully repaired before the raid starts. Guild repairs will be available to raider rank and above.

      IV. Consumables:

      a. Consumables include all CURRENT potions, flasks, food, and anything else your class might need for a full 3 hour block period of raiding. This includes having enough items to cover the chances of wiping on new content, and not running out during mid fight, or borrowing from other people.

      V. Gems/Enchants:

      a. Raiders are required to have appropriate enchants for neck/cloak/rings/weapons as well as gems for all socketed gear. Appropriate enchants and gems include moderately expensive ones (blue/rare), not necessarily the most expensive ones (purple/epic) depending on AH prices.

      5. Raid Loot Rules

      I. Loot is done by Loot Council

      a. Loot priority is based off of performance, rank, attendance, and current gear. Courtesy of giving roll priority for class-specific set pieces to players of that class shall be exercised.

      b. If a player wins a contested roll on an item, the courtesy of passing on subsequent contested items in that run is requested.

      c. BoP items not needed by anyone should be need rolled by an individual with the required enchanting skill to disenchant (DE), and the proceeds sent to the guild bank.

      d. Crafting mats not immediately needed by a guild member will be sent to guild bank.

      e. Players missing enchants, having un-upgraded gear, or missing gems will not be eligible for loot. The Loot Council will DE gear before giving it to such players, and those players are subject to removal from the guild.

      6. Leadership Ranks:

      a. Officer –
      Responsible for organizing and maintaining all proceeds in the guild bank, distributing goods necessary. Responsible for reviewing forum applications, and constructively “guiding” applicants who fall short of our expectations or approve those who are found to be a good fit for Narcosis. Upholds the integrity and ensures the cohesiveness of all members. Administrator of Guild Forums, and Discord Voice. Assists other officers.

      b. Core Raider –
      Responsible for their corresponding class roles (ranged dps, melee dps, healers, tanks). Will oversee the performance and readiness of said classes. If you have questions about your class or role in raids, this is who you should be talking to. This rank has nearly 100% attendance, always comes to raids prepared, always knows strats, and very rarely makes mistakes. Core Raiders will have loot priority over Raiders.

      c. Raider –
      Those who have demonstrated a commitment to the guild, and proven themselves time and again to be an example others looking to advance can follow. This rank requires at least 90% attendance. Raiders meet Raiding Requirements, show up on time, prepared, and perform above average for their class. Raiders have loot priority over Members.

      d. Member –
      This rank has successfully completed the probationary period, and also has expressed interest in becoming a raider. Members are actively striving to improve their play, but are currently unable to consistently fullfill all responsibilties listed under Raid Requirements. Members have loot priority over Recruits.

      e. Trial –
      Newly admitted members who are looking to achieve Member status. This is considered an introductory rank to determine a good fit of both skill and personality between the initiate and the guild. Member rank is not guaranteed and is up to the discretion of the Officers.

      7. Rank Advancement

      I. Advancement in rank is based upon the following criteria:

      a. The evaluation of the member by all officers.

      b. Doing the work necessary to get and improve raid appropriate gear.

      c. The player’s dedication to reading boss strategies and being prepared for raids.

      d. Previous raid or 5-man performance.

      e. A 14-day probationary period for Recruits. After 14 days a recruit becomes eligible for promotion depending on performance. There are occasional exceptions, sometimes lengthening or shortening this probationary period.

      f. Core Member is attained by the following:

      1. Meeting or exceeding your class expectations in terms of healing/dps/tanking.
      2. Acting in a manner that promotes Narcosis’ high standards of game play on the server.
      3. Going above and beyond what is expected as a member which includes putting the guild first before oneself.
      4. Being proactive in assisting new recruits and/or members that might need help in their current roles.

      8. Removal from Narcosis

      I. Members may be removed from the guild upon the decision of an officer in consultation with the other officers present.

      II. Reasons for removal may include, but are not limited to:

      a. Consistent failure to live up to guild values.

      b. Actions which degrade the name and reputation of Narcosis.

      c. Having an inactive account for more than 1 month without notifying others of a planned absence.

      9. Recruitment

      I. Recruitment of new members shall be done on an individual basis with a focus on the universal truth: “the guild is only as good as the sum of its members”

      II. Guild invites will be coordinated by the officers and recruiters.

      III. New recruits are subject to performance reviews either prior to joining or during the trial phase.

      I. Application for membership:

      a. Players 18 yrs old and above can apply for membership through the application form on the website. No new members will be taken without an application being submitted.

      b. Officers will determine if any class is open to be filled by new members.

      c. All alts a player uses in Narcosis raids should be within the guild, and a notation of “player x’s alt” will be placed in the guild note.

      d. Members who have left and returned to Narcosis will need to reapply for membership as a recruit and restart the 30 day trial phase.

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