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      Legion Release Guide

      Schedule for Legion:

      Tuesday, August 30–When Legion is live, dungeons will immediately be available on Normal and Heroic difficulties. Mythic dungeon difficulty will be available after the weekly dungeon reset time.

      Tuesday, September 20–The Emerald Nightmare Raid dungeon opens on Normal and Heroic difficulties. Mythic Keystones will begin dropping which will allow increased challenge and rewards from Mythic dungeons.

      Tuesday, September 27–Mythic difficulty for the Emerald Nightmare Raid dungeon opens. The first wing of Raid Finder difficulty for Emerald Nightmare opens.

      Preparing on each character for Legion:

      Water Strider mount – Helps with all the bodies of water in Legion.

      Finish scenario’s – Do your two scenario quest introduced in pre-patch.

      Heirloom trinkets – Good for DPS and Tanking

      Flasks/Food/Pots – Bring a good amount to help level faster

      Max Professions

      Gliders – Bring a good amount so you can get to quest areas/turn-in’s faster


      While everyone has their different methods of leveling I personally would suggest going through each zone and doing loremaster. The reason behind this is due to the requirement to unlock world quests. Upon reaching 110 you will receive a quest that requires friendly with each faction tied to the 5 zones. Doing loremaster along the way should get you to 110 somewhere in your 4th zone.  Suramar is the 110 zone and you will need to get friendly with the rep in that zone before world quests unlock. Just follow the loremaster achievement and you should be close to friendly and it won’t take long to have world quests opened up. Also don’t forget to constantly be checking your class hall and Dalaran for more quests as those quests are also very important to stay on top of.

      -When doing loremaster you will get a quest at the end of each zone that will reward you with an ilvl 800 piece of gear.

      -Make sure to do the dungeon quest you receive for the zone.

      Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite is the improved version of  Derelict Skyhorn Kite.  You will need to loot four items and combine them to form this toy.

       Derelict Skyhorn Kite

       Delicate Roc Feather

       Gleaming Roc Feather

       Shimmering Roc Feather

      The spell that casts slow fall on you also triggers  Forward Thrust so no need for a running start before you jump!


      This assumes your starting point is at the flightmaster of Skyhorn, Highmountain.Take the northwest road out of Skyhorn.  Leave the road by turning left into Darkfeather Valley.  Follow the path heading west, but do not follow it down the rockface.  Instead, keep going straight west, into the snow, until you must either descend or ascend the slope.  Briefly follow the ascent (should be on your right) and simply follow the line of trees on your left.  Punt the kobold and loot the chest for Delicate Roc Feather.

      1. Backtrack to the main road that you left in step 1.  Follow it this time until the bend in the road.  Instead of following the road north, keep going northwest.  There is a lit torch that helps act as a landmark.  You will find Crawshuk the Hungry at the end of the snowy mountain path.  Kill and loot for Gleaming Roc Feather.
      2. Now, go back to the main road and follow it north into The Haglands.  Go left up a snowy path and keep going up.  (If you’ve run through a path with several harpies and an occasional Highmountain war eagle attacking them, you’ve gone too far up.  That path terminates at a harpy who’s part of a Highmountain quest.)  Kill both the roc and the kobold in your way, then loot the treasure chest to obtain the Shimmering Roc Feather.
      3. Return to Skyhorn.  Exit Skyhorn, heading southeast.  Cross two bridges, enter the area with the wolves on the right, and head along the edge to the mountain. Climb the snowy path and jump down to the chest.  (Carefully, by the way!  It’s a looooong fall to the ground, and you will likely end up forced to resurrect at the nearest Spirit Healer.)  Loot Derelict Skyhorn Kite.
      4. Combine all four items, receive the toy, learn it, and add it to your action bar from the Toy Box.
      5. Now jump off and have fun gliding!
      1. Level all characaters up to 100
      2. Level mains artifact to 22 perks and alts.
      3. Get 3rd relic slot on all characters
      4. Gain the Arcway and Court of Stars access on all characters
      5. 855 mains Ilvl and 850 alt’s for first week of raids
      6. Obtain 2 legendary items on main
      7. Level class hall to maxim to gain ability for equipping two legendaries. (43 days)

      Specific leveling steps:

      Step 1 (100): Do quest chain for your leveling spec artifact. It’s important to finish it quickly to get ahead of casuals.

      Step 2 (100): Select Stormheim as your first zone. First quest is a scenario. Scenarios tend to be lag-free and fast completion will allow you to get ahead of others. Don’t do any additional quest after, only those for zone’s dungeon at the end of the chain. As soon as you done – teleport to your Class Hall.

      Step 3 (102.5): You’ll get quests to unlock artifacts for other specs. Do them all, they award pretty solid XP. Then go for all Class Hall quests including a quest for 4 hours mission.

      Step 4 (103): You’ll get quests to unlock artifacts for other specs. Do them all, they award pretty solid XP. Then go for all Class Hall quests including a quest for 4 hours mission.

      Step 5 (105): At 105 new Class Hall quests will pop, do them all.

      Step 6 (105): Val’Sharah, main quest chain only.

      Step 7 (107): Highmountain, main quest chain. If you don’t have enough XP to get to 110 do any other quests.

      Step 8 (105-109): Each zone ends with a dungeon quest, which award 130k XP (which is a lot) and 800 ilvl item. You can do those at any lvl, but it’s important to do all 4 until lvl 110.

      Step 9 (110):

      1. Level Raid Talent’s Artifact Only
      2. Launch artifact research work order
      3. Do all Class Hall Quests until you have 5 missions plus the start of class hall leveling
      4. Do Suramar Dailies
      5. Do world daily quests
      6. Do dailies that reward chests

      Step 10 (110): Level another alt!

      Class Hall

      The class hall is very important in this expansion. I would suggest going back at least once every level to see if there is anything new for you. It is very important that you stay on top of quests in the class hall. Completing your class order hall campaign is how you unlock the 3rd slot on your artifact weapon for relics. This is a huge boost to your item level and a huge boost to your artifact weapon.

      -On the mission board, focus only on missions required for your class hall quests. You want to get those done as quickly as possible.

      -It is personal preference when it comes to class hall upgrades but I would recommend the first one you pick is the one to have a chance to upgrade rewards.

      -Start artifact research as soon as possible

      -Keep an eye on your order hall resources as some things will require quite a bit but as you progress you will get more and more resources.

      Class Hall Leveling

      Level Left Talent Right Talent Character Level Cost Duration
      1 Additional change for epic quest reward Class Talent 100 50 2 Hours
      2 Class Talent Class Talent 105 500 4 Hours
      3 Additional Followers Champion Equipment Missions 110 1000 7 Days
      4 Followers Talent Champion Talent 110 10000 10 Days
      5 Bonus Roll Coin, Super Champion or instant daily completion 110 12500 12 Days
      6 Unlock to equip 2 legendary items 110 15000 14 Days

                                               TOTAL :                                                             39050                   43.5 Days

      World Questing

      World quests open up once you have hit friendly with the reputation tied to each zone. Once you have them opened up you will see on your map a section called emissary quests. It will require you to complete 4 world quests of a single faction. Once you complete the 4 quests for the faction you will receive a bag that could contain loot. So far most of the bags I have gotten have contained gold and a few other items.

      -Focus on world quests that hand out gear/artifact power

      -This is a great way to get more reputation

      -Some world quests require you to run a specific dungeon.

      -Can get mythic dungeon ilvl gear


      Short Profession FAQ

      You can equip as many crafted items as you want, limitation for number of equipped crafted items is gone, almost every crafted BoEs are tradeable. All crafted items start on 815 and can be upgraded to 850.

      There are no cool downs for crafts in Legion, all reagents except Blood and rare reagents are tradeable. Rares come from 3 days cool down dailies and you require 100 profession skill to access those dailies.

      Bread and butter for Legion crafting. BoP. Farming methods below.You need a minimum of 140 blood of sargeras per character to upgrade your gear to 850 ilvl.

      1 Obliterum = 100 Obliterum Ash. Given through disenchanting crafting gear with Obliterum Forge. Quest chain for the forge is given at 110 in Dalaran. BoE. You can craft it with your main and send it to your alts.

      1 Obliterum upgrades your crafted item by 5 ilvls and requires 2 bloods to do so. 815->850 upgrade requires 7 Obliterum and 140 blood. To sum things up: you need 70 Obliterum (7000 ash) and 140 blood to upgrade 10 items per character.

      You’ll reach 140 blood on your main pretty fast and might want to utilize the rest of it. It’s better to pick at least 1 profession that can utilize blood to obliterum, or you can start with 2 gathering professions and abandon on later for the crafting one’s sake. Mining+JC/Engineering are considered best combination for mains.

      How to Farm Blood of Sargeras?

      Shoulder Enchant- 6 blood/hour, requires Revered with the Wardens, can be enchanted with a person who have revered through trade chat. Your main enchants other’s alts, other’s main enchant your alts for example.

      Mythic Dungeon Spam- 8-10 blood/hour. 1 week loot reset for each dungeon.

      Heroic Dungeons spam- 6-12 blood/hour. No reset through LFG. Requires a good premade group to complete one dungeon within 15 minutes.

      Gathering Professions- 2-3 blood/hour. Can be gathered while doing dailies.

      Dailies, Suramar scenario, Class Hall orders- 2-5 blood/day, depends on daily quests proc.

      Professions Guide

      Every day TO DO list Daily/Weekly:

      What to do every Week on Main:

      1. Grab bonus roll coins
      2. Kill 1 world boss (You have a choice of 11)
      3. Do 10 Mythics (Arcway/Court of Stars require a quest chain, Violet Citadel should be done 2-3 times because bosses to spawn are picked randomly.
      4. Do “Nightfallen Training” Suramar scenario each 3 days for reputation.

      What to do every day on MAIN:

      1. Start Artifact Research and Class Hall talent work orders. If you don’t have enough resources – get them. Skipping even 1 day will be a huge setback in the long run.
      2. Do daily quests loot chest. 1 day reset, requires 4 daily quests in a specific zone.
      3. Do all random heroic dungeons (400+ AP)
      4. Do all Suramar dailies until Revered.
      5. Do any other dailies. We don’t need all of them. Here’s what we’re looking for:
      6. If you’ve done all the things on your main and alts and still have time to spare it’s better to spend it farming Heroic Dungeons for Blood of Sargeras and Artifact Power. It’s better done with 845 premade group through LFG system. There’s also a chance for TF loot, but it’s very rare.

      What to do every WEEK on ALT:

      1. Grab bonus roll coins
      2. Kill 1 world boss
      3. Do “Nightfallen Training” Suramar scenario each 3 days for reputation.

      What to do every Day on ALT:

      1. Start Artifact Research and Class Hall talent work orders. If you don’t have enough resources – get them. Skipping at least 1 day here will be critical in the future.
      2. Do daily quests loot chest. 1 day reset, requires 4 daily quests in a specific zone.
      3. Do all Suramar dailies until Revered.
      4. Do any other dailies. We don’t need all of them.

      Raids & Mythic Dungeons:

      The best value of gear is mythic +10.

      Mythic+ Level Loot Order Hall Box
      No keystone 1 840
      2 845 860
      3 845 860
      4 850 865
      5 850 865
      6 855 870
      7 855 870
      8 860 875
      Best Value 10 865 880

      How to farm multiple Mythic+ dungeons on one character:

      -To activate a Mythic+ mode a keystone is required which is dropped by the final boss of a dungeon (1 per character). You go to Violet Citadel first, complete it within 15 minutes and get a keystone.

      -First reset completion awards +2 mythic keystone. For each next reset you’ll get a keystone -2 difficulty based on best mode you accomplished on previous reset (+8 in our case)

      -Completing a mythic dungeon within a timed window with a keystone will upgrade it up to 3 maximum levels per run.

      -The most optimal way is +2 => +5 => +8 => +10 and then just do dungeons without a timer for loot. Though you can complete +10 for timed reward it’s considered a waste of time to do so.

      -Do 5 runs with +10 mains, then one of the mains switches to an alt and you go again which will allow 4 remaining mains to get loot again. You can do so until you run out of alts.

      -It’s better not to switch tank to an alt as it will most likely get you a ton of wipes. Switch dps to a healer or vice versa or if you run out of alts you can pick a somewhat decent pug with a keystone which will award loot for everyone.

      -You’ll find more about affixes, tactics etc in the guide above. Expect around 15-20 completed +10 dungeons on 1st reset with your main (~80 items split among everyone)

      -Each next reset will award 1 item through Order Hall chest mission based on best mythic+ mode you accomplished on previous reset (dungeon timer is not considered). Which means if you did at least one +10 dungeon on previous reset, you’ll get a guaranteed 880 chest.

      -There are no loot drops from bosses or mobs, but you are rewarded with a chest containing a piece of gear upon completing a whole dungeon.

      -Yout get this chest even if you’re not made it before timer expired. However, if you run the dungeon in it’s timed window and your keystone upgrades for more than 1 lvl, you’ll get an additional chest containing an item valued as “skipped” difficulty reward.

      -Apart from gear items, chests also awards artifact power and it’s considered the best way to farm AP by now.

      -Chests drops are personal, but you can trade those items between players from the same group. A wise idea would be creating a group, for example, containing 2 plate wearers and 3 cloth to optimise stats within group.

      Example 1: Done mythic+ 2 to upgrade it by 3. Got x10 845 and x5 850 (845 for +2, 845 for +3, 850 for +4) for all party summary (3 items per person).

      Example 2: Done +5 to upgrade it by 3. Got x5 850 and x10 855 for all party.

      Example 3: Done + 10 after timer expired. Got x5 865 for all party.

      Example 4: Picked a pug from trade chat with a keystone lvl below group’s. We did a run and upgraded his keystone, but got no loot. However, everyone will get a chest for the next run.

      Raid Information:

      Titanforged maximum ilvl: 895

      Emerald Nightmare Loot
      Raider Finder: 835
      Normal: 850
      Heroic: 865
      Mythic: 880

      Suramar Zone:

      Short Suramar FAQ:

      -Bind your HS to a Suramar’s central cave, will save you lots of time.

      -Almost every Suramar quest awards AP. Basically this zone itself is one of the main sources of AP farming before raids. Half the quests unlocks as the reputation progresses. The more rep you have, the more quests you get.

      List of all quest rewards

      -Suramar dailies’ grant best rewards over time spent in compare with other dailies. Most juicy quests unlock as you level reputation

      -Both Suramar dungeons require attunement and reputation. The Arcway is 8k/12k rep+a quest chain, Court of Stars is 8k/12k rep+a quest chain.

      -Do all the quests there, no exceptions. Sequence is not important, completins Suramar before raids are out what is. Mana farm guide is to the right, reputation farm guide is below.

      Before raids are out your Good Suramaritan achievement should look like this:

      Shambler’s Scenario:

      -Has a 3 days reset, located in a central cave. First one is free with 8 shamblers. Any following require 400 (8 shamblers)-2000 (20 shamblers). Always do this with a maximum mana cost. Mana farm guide at the beginning of this page.

      -We are looking for reputation and AP in this scenario. Both have cap per scenario. 425 for reputation, 400(+0) for AP. To achieve cap you need to reach 425 points.

      -When going for the very first time (8 shamblers), reach the tunnel with spiders, don’t kill bosses, loot 2-3 medium chests and finish. You simply can’t kill any bosses with potato gear and 8 shamblers, including Leymaster Doro.

      -During next runs reach mana cap first, then spend your shambers on chests. No point in completing full scenario.

      2000 Mana in 10 minutes:

      1. Use Mana Divining Stone
      2. Teleport to Vineyard
      3. Farm mana-nodes, go on low-pop realms


      • Respeccing cost is based on the next trait’s AP cost. If your artifact is lvl 15 and you want to respec it, it will cost you 11280 AP. Never respec your artifact. Plan your artifact leveling beforehand.
      • Lvl 1-13 require very small amount of AP and is recommended to spend for offspec. For example, if you are a shadow priest, lvl your holy artifact up to lvl 13 for quick dungeon farm as healer.
      • Lvl 13-34 require a lot more AP that should be invested in main spec artifact only. By the time Emerald Nightmare is open you’ll have 2 golden traits unlocked and be somewhere close to the third with around lvl 22 artifact.
      • Lvl 35-54 increase your damage/healing/hp by 5%-15%. Those are pretty much unreachable by now, probably designed for future patches.
      AP Sources (+0%)
      Mythic+ 200
      Mythic 200
      First Daily Random Heroic 400
      Random Heroic Dungeon 100
      Heroic Dungeon Boss 55
      Random Normal Dungeon 35
      Normal Dungeon Boss 35
      Daily Quest Chest 400
      Daily Quest 150-400
      Arena Win 5
      Battle Ground Win 50
      Common Suramar Quest 100
      Achievement Suramar Quest 350-500
      World Treasure Chest 10-50

      Suramar Zone:


      All of the sources for Legion legendaries are still unknown; the information thus far has been somewhat vague. That being said, here is what we know about sources:


      1. Dungeon bosses
      2. Raid bosses
      3. World bosses
      4. World Quest Caches (rewarded after completing 4 world quests)
      5. PvP Strongboxes
      6. Mythic+ Weekly Caches

      List of all Legendaries

      Click to see all details


      • PvP dailies worth it if reward is decent. Apart from it you get 300 honor.
      • Each 3 honor level awards 150+0% AP (artifact knowledge scaling).
      • PvP Talents do NOT work in PvE.
      • You can probably skip all PvP content without losing anything for PvP.

      -Winning casual arena fight awards 50 honor, 5+0% AP and a chest, containing gear items and resources. Does not worth time spending.

      -Winning casual BG fight awards 300 honor, 50+0% AP and a chest, containing gear items and resources. Does not worth time spending.

      This guide was originally created by Medivhru and Xsnipez.

      Edited by mikeiceberg, twitch.tv/mikeiceberg, Bnet: mikeiceberg#1550

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