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      Alright! First boss in the first raid in Legion will be Nythendra, a member of the green dragonflight. Yay dragon fight!

      Here is the fatboss video for the Alpha testing on heroic difficulty.

      Looking at the dungeon journal, the Mythic fight will only have slight changes. I think we can expect the fight to be very similar.
      Here are 2 videos from the Alpha Mythic testing!

      Please be aware that in raid testing the boss hp is often inflated in order for Blizz to see how long a raid group can last on a fight.

      Lastly the link to the feedback forum. The only things I saw skimming through it would be that the bugs and puddles are sometimes hard to see. And that the breath are of effect is larger than the animation.


      Please feel encouraged to start your own research and share your opinions with everyone here!


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      Nythendra was once a member of the Green Dragonflight charged with guarding the world tree, Shaladrassil. When Xavius’ corruption of the Nightmare consumed Shaladrassil, it consumed the sleeping guardian as well. Nythendra is now nothing more than a skeletal version of herself, swarming in pestilence, ready to devour anyone or anything foolish enough to enter her lair.

      • Overview – Nythendra’s Infested Breath unleashes great gouts of insects and corruption, consuming 50 Energy. When Nythendra’s Energy is depleted, she collapses to the ground and Heart of the Swarm begins. Once she is fully recharged, her form coalesces and she resumes her attack.
      • Stage One: The Plagued Dreamer
        • Infested – Players hit with any source of Plague damage gain a stack of Infested that inflicts 13,500 Plague damage every 2 sec. This effect stacks.
        • Infested Mind – Nythendra’s corruption takes control of all players with 10 or more stacks of Infested, causing them to periodically cast Spread Infestation.
          Dealing sufficient damage to the mind-controlled player will break the effect.

        • Infested Ground – Creates an area of corruption that inflicts 128,625 Plague damage every 1.5 sec to anyone within the area.
        • Infested Breath – Nythendra breathes clouds of poisonous insects inflicting 214,375 Plague damage every sec for 5 sec.
          In addition, the breath corrupts the area creating pockets of Infested Ground.
        • Rot – Inflicting 250,000 Plague damage to all allies within 8 yards every 3 sec for 9 sec.
          Upon expiring, the corruption bursts from the target creating areas of Infested Ground.
        • Volatile Rot – Inflicts up to 1,350,000 Plague damage to all allies after 8 sec sec. Allies farther from the detonation take less damage.
          In addition, the explosion also forms several patches of Infested Ground.
        • Tail Lash – Inflicts 950,000 Physical damage to players in a cone behind her, knocking them back.
      • Stage Two: Heart of the Swarm
        • Heart of the Swarm – At 0 Energy, Nythedra’s form collapses and over 20 sec her influence periodically causes an insect to swell and cast Burst of Corruption 3 times before dying.
          • Burst of Corruption – Inflicts 477,750 Plague damage to all players within 8 yards.
            In addition, the toxic residue increases the damage of Burst of Corruption by 25% for 5 sec. This effect stacks.
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