Developer Interview: Addon Changes in 7.1

Developer Interview: Addon Changes in 7.1


Release Times

  • Mythic dungeons will be closed until the first raid reset of each region, so EU won't be able to powerlevel and get in some clears.
  • The expansion launches at 12:01 AM PT in North America.


  • The Artifact will be relevant throughout Legion. There will be good reasons to get Artifact Power and things to spend Artifact Power on.
  • An easy change to make later in the expansion would be to increase the cap on Artifact Traits so that you can put more points in and keep spending Artifact Power.
  • Artifact Power is a nice consistent reward with no RNG, so you end the night stronger than you started, even if you didn't get any great item drops.
  • The Artifact Knowledge cap will likely be increased down the road, but that is still to be determined.


  • Ancient Mana remaining relevant will be touched on when the team shares more Patch 7.1 details in a couple weeks.
  • The patch has additional outdoor world content in Suramar, continuing the story and quest line.

Mythic+ Dungeons

  • For the average player, there is an effective cap on Mythic+ loot, which is in the form of keystones. Those aren't infinite and everyone only gets one per week per character, so the typical experience will be that people aren't infinity running Mythic+ dungeons.
  • Being able to loot an additional keystone from the chest at the end of the Mythic+ dungeon is a bug. You should only be able to get one per week.
  • There are three ways to get a keystone: Killing a regular Mythic dungeon end boss, looting your weekly jackpot chest in your order hall, or looting the chest at the end of a Mythic+ dungeon run. You should only be able to get one per week total.


  • Trinkets are one of the coolest and potentially most interesting items that the team has to work with, so they would feel bad going with boring and more passive trinkets. In Legion effort was put in to make trinkets more interesting.
  • The delta between a raid's DPS during the first 30 seconds of a fight and their damage for the rest of it is bigger than it should be.
  • A cooldown was added so that you can't use two of the on-use trinkets at once. Allowing the use of both at once makes them harder to balance as well.

Addon Changes and Raid Mechanics

  • The design for bosses in Hellfire Citadel probably wouldn't have been different if the addon change was made earlier in Warlords.
  • One of the concerns raised by players is boss mechanics that are designed around addons and otherwise impossible.
  • Internal testing for raids is done without custom boss mods for each boss and the mechanics. The bosses can be beat with the stock UI.
  • There are three levels to a mechanic:
    • Tactical complexity - How easy is it to figure out the right answer to this mechanic? This mostly only matters to the top guilds in the world, as by the time most guilds get to a boss this problem has been solved. Four Horseman in Vanilla was all about the tactical complexity.
    • Execution - How hard is this mechanic to execute correctly or perfectly? How hard is it to dodge all of the things, spread, not get hit by things.
    • Failure - How punishing is it when you make a mistake? This is one of the biggest things that can be tuned. Kromog in Blackrock Foundry was mostly done by players with an addon that assisted them. This leads to players thinking that the fight would be impossible without an addon. If it ended up being too hard, the team would have seen that people were having a hard time and changed the tuning. They could have added more time for you to run to the hands, reduced their health a little bit (especially on Mythic), or other tuning so that the actual difficulty in terms of how many wipes it takes to beat the boss doesn't change. Actually playing the dynamic game of musical chairs is more interesting and fun from a cooperative raid perspective than running to a specific point on the ground, assuming equal difficulty. Removing the capability from the addons should lead to a better experience for players.
  • The addon changes won't affect things outside instances, buff/debuff tracking, and things like TomTom.
  • The reason this change wasn't in at launch was the team putting in the extra effort to make sure the other addons wouldn't be broken.


  • You can start on your profession at skill level 1 in Broken Isles.
  • Leveling your profession gives you more efficiency.
  • You also need a certain skill level in a profession to get the profession world quests.
  • It is easier than before to change professions, as you can relearn the Broken Isle recipes that you had before.
  • The team doesn't want people constantly changing professions to do all of the world quests.
  • Professions will be kept up to date throughout the expansion.

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