Patch Hotfixes: September 6,7

September 7




  • Barrage now fires in a tighter cone, and its visual has been improved to better show its area of effect.
    • Developers’ Notes-- Barrage fulfills a fantasy of a wild spray of shots in a large area. Of course, that can be dangerous, and often Hunters accidentally pull additional enemies with Barrage, especially in Legion dungeons. We saw this as a failure on our part to convey what it actually does. This hotfix should allow Hunters to get a feel for the shape and size of it and build a reliable expectation of what will happen when they cast Barrage. No change was made to Barrage’s damage. We hope that this helps Hunters and their groupmates to have a more pleasant dungeon experience.


  • Outlaw Rogues with Curse of the Dreadblades ability active will no longer take the backlash damage if Saber Slash strikes a second time.


  • The Enhancement Shaman Stormflurry Artifact Trait will now properly interact with the Ascendance talent and the Windstrike ability.


  • The Fury Warrior Artifact Trait Odyn's Champion has had its chance to activate doubled, but its effectiveness has been lowered. The tooltip will be incorrect until a future patch.

Class Halls

  • The Vault Ticket (Rogue) is now a daily reset instead of weekly reset.  This may not take effect until next Tuesday if you have already looted the Vault this week.
  • The "Deadlier Warglaives" quest (Demon Hunter) will now only consume a single Obliterum.


Maw of Souls

  • Helya: Decreased the frequency of Helya's Taint of the Sea during the Breached Vessel phase.
  • Helya: Altered the visual of Corrupted Bellow in order to perform better on lower-end machines.
  • Helya: Lowered the baseline damage of Corrupted Bellow and added a damage increase on subsequent damage events.


  • Darkmoon Faire tinctures and droughts no longer work at 110.


  • Vault Keepers in Stormheim should no longer become stuck and prevent players from looting the Glimmering Treasure Chest.


  • Players in a raid group will no longer earn PVP credit, nor receive Sightless Eyes in the Underbelly.



  • (Work in progress) Fixing a bug that prevents players from being able to turn in “Opening the Test Kitchen” to Nomi.


  • Players with the artifact trait "Better Luck Next Time" now have a chance to catch boots.


  • The damage done by the Fel Annihilator in the Battle for the Exodar scenario has been reduced.
  • Players who have completed "Jarl Come Back Now" but are not Neutral with Jandvik Vrykul can return to Toryl in Jandvik to get their reputation reset.


  • Blackhawk's Bulwark PvP Captains should respawn more quickly.
  • Fel Cannons in Felsoul Hold should respawn more quickly.


  • An unintended increase in player population in certain zones, notably Class Halls, has been fixed.

September 6



Demon Hunter

  • (Hotfix in testing) Demon Hunter Sigils will now correctly activate if the Demon Hunter is crowd controlled after placing the Sigil.


  • The Discipline Priest artifact trait Sins of the Many will now properly increase Atonement healing done.
  • Spending artifact trait points as a Discipline Priest should no longer reduce the amount of Atonement healing done by Shadowfiend or Mindbender.

Class Halls

  • In Skyhold, Quartermaster Durnholf will pay more attention to players and not walk away from them so quickly.


  • Assault on Violet Hold
    • Mindflayer Kaahrj's Faceless Tendril should now prefer targets that are not being targeted by Eternal Darkness.
    • Corrected a spawn location for Mindflayer Kaahrj's Faceless Tendril that was inside the floor.
  • Maw of Souls
    • Helarjar Champions’ Bone Chilling Scream does not hit pets anymore.
  • Darkheart Thicket
    • Rotheart Keeper's Vile Mushrooms now explode, damaging nearby enemies.


  • (Hotfix in testing) Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite: cooldown raised to 15 minutes (was 2 minutes). Shared cooldown raised to 3 minutes.
  • (Hotfix in testing) Brulfist Idol: Knockback height reduced significantly.
    • Developers’ Notes: The two toys above (combined, or in conjunction with other things such as Emerald Winds) were too effective and diminished the value of utility and world-navigation tools that are core to certain classes and professions.
  • Touch of the Void: the tentacles summoned by this trinket no longer scale past level 100.
  • Reduced the active effect potency of Heirloom trinkets acquired from Warlords of Draenor Mythic Dungeons.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players, who were simultaneously both very lucky and very unlucky, to receive the same legendary item more than once.


  • Significantly improved the quality of the bonus reward available on Artifact Power missions..


  • Pollous the Fetid in Val'sharah should no longer evade and become unkillable.
  • Unstable Powers now target fewer players with their Unstable Power orbs.
  • Inquisitor Tivos’ Drain and Searing Gaze should now target fewer players.



  • Gunshoes and Gunpowder Charges should now craft stacks instead of single items.


  • The amounts of leather and scales dropped per creature skinned have been reduced.


  • Druids who abandoned either "Essence of Balance" or "Essence of Regrowth" should now be able to reaccept the quests by returning to the Emerald Dreamway.
  • Profession World Quests can now be completed in a raid group.


  • Completing the quest "Make Your Mark" should now properly count progress towards the achievement "Why Can't I Hold All This Mana?"
  • Players who have completed "Jarl Come Back Now" but are not Neutral with Jandvik Vrykul can return to Toryl in Jandvik to get their reputation reset.

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