Patch 7.1.5 Info

Patch 7.1.5

  • Patch 7.1.5 will be Legion's first small patch. What does this look like for Legion?
  • New systems, new rewards, "evergreen content" - things that are going into the future in WoW.
  • We know we usually make you wait. We think now that quality is quantity. We don't want you to wait.
  • For example, if we want a small patch to have 4 things, but only 3 are ready, we can just drop the 4th. Previously we'd wait until all 4 were ready.

7.1.5 Content

  • Mists of Pandaria Timewalking Dungeons!
  • Brawler's Guild is coming back, revamped and new. Dozens of new bosses in addition to the old ones. Great fun for the encounter designers.
  • New type of battle in the Brawler's Guild - if you are all waiting around the Brawler's guild, sometimes you'll be grabbed down into the Arena for a raid-level boss! Multi-player raid content in Brawler's Guild.
  • We liked how people were helping each other in the Brawler's Guild with buffs, etc. Introducing a new currency there - Brawler's Gold - you spend it on shared items for people doing Brawler's Guild fights!
  • There will be new rewards! New Shirts and a Basilisk Mount ( Rockspine Basilisk).



Micro Holidays

  • Instead of 2 week holidays, we are introducing Azeroth-based holidays.
  • Examples: Ahn'Qiraj Rememberance Day - January 22nd! In Silithus, the citizens of Azeroth will remember the day the gates of AQ were opened!
  • No achievements or power rewards, no mount or pet but it's something fun and different to do.
  • Volunteer Guard Day - showing respect for the Stormwind Patroller or the Orgrimmar City Guard. On Volunteer Guard Day, you can salute a guard to let them take a break and you can be a guard for a bit- patrol the city and keep it safe.
  • Hatching of the Hippogryphs - if you are in Feralas on this day - you can check out the one day a year that Hippogryphs hatch!
  • Boat Day - it's like Azeroth Spring Break - just go out and get some sun on a boat, chill with your friends!

Revamped Arena

  • Blade's Edge Arena getting revamped art. Not looking to change gameplay, looking to give the Arena a new coat of paint.
  • This arena has a built in announcer! In the form of an Ogre king.

7.1.5 Class Changes Review

  • We have collected a lot of Data and a lot of Feedback so far in Legion.
  • Looking to improve Talent choices so one is not the only choice.
  • Re-evaluating if it should be baked into the class.

7.1.5 Secondary Stat Review

  • We really want a BIG ilvl upgrade that drops to be a true upgrade.
  • We are looking to narrow the gap between secondary stat balance.

7.1.5 Rotation Review

  • We have heard some feedback about flow of rotations.
  • Looking to make pure mechanical improvements to make playing your class a smoother more pleasant experience.
  • We are looking at adding/returning Utility.
  • For example: Hunters! You're getting traps back!
  • Rogues - Shroud of Concealment is coming back!

7.1.5 PTR coming up soon! (Update: PTR out now!)

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