Patch 7.2 Info

Patch 7.2

7.2 Patch Annoucement

  • Tomb of Sargeras raid announcement!
  • Continue the Class Order Hall Campaign
  • New faction: Armies of Legionfall
  • New World Quests - Including Class focused world quests!


  • How to get to the Tomb? Claiming and fortifying a foothold at the Broken Shore.
  • Outdoor questing zone.
  • We will be rebuilding old Night Elf Ruins - the Mage Tower, Command Center, Nether Disruptor - this will open new quests, each day will be different.
  • Legion Assaults will be returning - this time in the Broken Isles - Azsuna, Val'sharah, etc.
  • When they are up, the world quests in the zone are disabled - once you fight the assault on the ground there is a NEW feature - you join a 3 player scenario where you take the fight to the Legion ship in the sky.
  • SO are we going to get around?


  • FLYING in 7.2 - the 2nd part of the Broken Isles Pathfinder Achievement
  • Complete the Legionfall campaign, basically. Finish all the outdoor world gameplay related to 7.2 and rep up with Armies of Legionfall.
  • Flying will be account-wide.

Epic Class Mounts

  • These are all flying mounts - rewarded at the end of the Broken Shore / Legionfall questline/Order Hall Campaign.
  • Examples include:
  • Owl-cat priest mount!
  • Raven for Rogue
  • Shaman on an Air Elemental
  • Druids become a Warden Owl
  • Full list of mounts and pictures in our screenshot gallery.

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