Patch Hotfixes: August 30

Hotfixes: August 30th



  • Corrected an issue that prevented Assassination Rogues from queuing for Legion dungeons even after obtaining their Artifact.


  • Rhonin's Assaulting Armwraps will now activate only once per cast of Arcane Missiles. Proc rate and buff duration have been adjusted to compensate.
  • Sephuz's Secret should now be activated by Grimoire: Felguard's Axe Toss.


  • Legion players who had begun the post-Broken Shore event quests, but not completed them, should now be eligible to receive “In the Blink of an Eye”.


  • The Living Flames summoned by Felsoul Crushers now give appropriate levels of experience during "The Hunt".
  • Players should now properly receive credit for traveling to the Emerald Dreamway during "Cleansing the Mother Tree" when using the Dreamwalk ability.
  • Stormweaver Ingrida should no longer sometimes evade during "Stolen Thunder".


  • The Weapon Racks on Torok's Bluff can now be interacted with after their first use during the Bonus Objective "Vengeance for the Stonedark".
  • Credit for enemies defeated during the quest "Huln's War - Reinforcements" should now be shared among all nearby players.


  • Dread-Rider Malwick should respawn more readily, allowing for completion of “Assault and Battery”.
  • Players who are ready to turn in the quest “The Splintered Fleet” can now always see Dread-Rider Cullen. If she has just flown away, she will re-appear within a few minutes.
  • Players who abandon the quest “Dances with Ravenbears” should no longer retain the quest ability bar.
  • “Greymane’s Gambit” now reliably credits the player for completing the scenario.
  • “The Splintered Fleet” now reliably credits the player for completing the scenario.
  • The Skyfire Propeller should no longer become untouchable during “Signal Boost”.


  • Pollous the Fetid is now always roaming around Dreadroot in Val’sharah and defeatable, allowing “Purging the River” to be completed.
  • Players who are in a group and arrive late for the final kill in “The Fate of Val’sharah” should receive credit and be able to proceed.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the "Defend The Temple" Bonus Objective in Val'sharah.


  • Players can now rest and bind their hearthstone in the Forsaken Foothold and Skyfire Triage Camp areas in Stormheim.

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